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Home Buying Tips In A Tight Market – What can a buyer can do to combat tight inventory?

If you are a home buyer and don’t see many options during your initial search online, make sure you get a Realtor on board to help you.  Get a Realtor on Board!

Even though inventory may be low and declining, there are at least three key actions your agent can take for you.  Make sure your agent knows what you are looking for, the location you want and your ideal timing.

  1. Armed with this insight, the first thing your agent will do is set up a search for you in the MLS. This allows other agents to conduct a ‘reverse search’ for your wish list items that could match a new listing they plan to put on the market.  They can call your agent who will then be among the first to know about the new listing that could be perfect for you!
  2. The next action your Realtor can take is to send an email to fellow agents in the offices around the town where you are looking that asks if they have a possible match coming to the market.  This can encourage sellers to expedite their plans and make their property available sooner than they had originally planned.  It also gets you first dibs on these homes!

Sample letter to homeowners

3. Last, but not least, your agent can write a letter or design a postcard describing your dream home and mail it directly to the homeowners on your favorite street or in the area you are focused on.


Sample Postcard




If you are a seller dealing with buyers that are circling and taking no action or facing a complete lack of buyers altogether, there are key action steps you can take too.

So don’t give into a slowing market, surge ahead, get the market to work for you, and make your move!

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Annie and Andrew’s Story

A seasoned recruiter for a financial firm on Merritt 7 in Norwalk Connecticut, Annie knew a good candidate when she saw one.   The perfect asset for the current position was one she had already recruited once before, and that would be her husband!  Given their relationship, Annie’s boss had to step in and seal the deal, but Andrew was on board in no time.

The next step was to move from their home in Avon to a town closer to Norwalk that was affordable and had good schools.  Annie’s boss lived in Fairfield and was a strong advocate.  She convinced Annie and Andrew that this town would fit the bill.

Annie & Andrew

So Annie and Andrew’s agent in Avon called me to help them find a new home in Fairfield.  We spoke on the phone, and I set up their online search.   Immediately Annie saw something she liked and came to see it the next day.  Andrew couldn’t get free until the weekend, and by then the house was gone.  Three more times, the timing was too late or multiple bids got in the way, and three more homes were lost. Homes in their price range in the Fairfield university area were in extremely high demand and flying off the shelf!

Although Andrew liked the homes he had seen, he was still having a little trouble understanding the value for the prices in Fairfield compared to Avon.  Annie and I gushed about the treasured amenities in Fairfield such as the gorgeous beaches, convenient train stations, chic eateries, vicinity to Manhattan and the fantastic vibrant community. I wish I had this video tour of Fairfield at the time! Still, Andrew just shrugged his shoulders and went with the flow, primarily motivated by a quick commute.  New Home in Fairfield

Finally, a lovely pricier home had a price reduction.  We immediately went to see it and this time lucked out.  Annie and Andrew landed a beautiful expanded Cape on a pretty university area street.  They lost no time starting to make memories with their little son George, their new neighbors and all the block parties scheduled for the year.

A short time later, Annie sent me a note that said, “Hi Linda, we love the house, and we have fallen in love with Fairfield.  We have only been in the house a little over a month, but it truly feels like home, and I would say George agrees!  We cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You were terrific to work with, patient and helped us every step of the way. Relocating to a new area is overwhelming, and you really made us feel at ease throughout the whole process.  Thanks again for everything.  We hope to see you around town!”

So we welcome Annie and Andrew to Fairfield and the university area along with some of our other recent new neighbors, Ping and Danian and Rich and Chris.  Annie and Andrew’s story is all about taking that leap toward the next chapter of exciting new beginnings- A new love. A new job. A new town. A new home.  Follow your dreams, and the rest is history in the making!

For questions about your next move, contact me any time!

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How Could the “Wrong Direction” Seem So Right?

That’s what my relocation client asked me as we went to visit five drop-dead gorgeous homes in Fairfield Connecticut.

Ping and her family were moving from South Carolina to pricey Fairfield County.  Although the home sizes were not quite as grand here as what they were used to, I could sense a growing excitement about Fairfield as I shared some impressive numbers including our 11 elementary, three middle and two high schools, five beaches and three train stations.

The Chelsea Restaurant, Fairfield CT

The Chelsea Restaurant, Fairfield CT

A few added highlights like our huge Fourth of July celebration at Penfield Beach, the superb beet salad at The Chelsea and the crazy dog beach at Lake Mohegan didn’t hurt either.   The visual tour was the icing on the cake!

Ping and her husband Danian both worked for the same company in South Carolina.  She took a new job nearby, and he was able to stay with his company and transfer here. Their son and daughter would be going to elementary school.

New home in Fairfield CT

New home in Fairfield CT

The location of the home they chose in the university area was perfect.  Their kids could walk to school.  And when Danian’s parents came to visit, they could walk there with them. They were situated on a wonderful cul-de-sac and already had an elaborate play set in the back yard.  The house was stunning inside and out.  It was beautifully finished on four levels and came complete with a beautiful in-law suite.  And if all that wasn’t enough, the garage was fully equipped with cabinetry and a high-end custom flooring that looked like you could eat off it!

How can something so wrong seem so right?   Welcome to Fairfield!



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Family Comes Back to the Fairfield University Area

Photo Oct 22, 11 07 42 AM

Chris grew up at her parents’ house on Wormwood Road near Fairfield University,  but she later moved to Monroe with her husband Rich.  There they enjoyed more space and land as they raised their two children, both grown up now.

After a couple of decades, they began to tire of the 20-minute minimum drive to get anywhere and the even longer commuting time to both their jobs.  Chris has been a biolology professor at Fairfield U, and Rich was working in information technology  at Bayer Healthcare, also quite far away. So they decided it was time to move back to Fairfield. Chris could be close to her mom who was still in her home in the university area, their commutes would be significantly shorter and they could make very good use of all the cool eateries downtown!

I met Rich and Chris at an open house in 2012, and have been showing them homes on and off since then.  They have always liked the New England colonial with classic charm.   They had made offers on a few homes along the way but found themselves outbid each time.

Finally, one day I happened to be online in the multiple listing service when a new listing popped on, and I knew it was perfect!   I immediately took them to see the charming colonial on Wakeman Road.  They made an offer that was negotiated and accepted, and as of this week they have a new home!  They plan to rent out their house in Monroe for awhile before selling it and will be moving into their new university area colonial right away!

Photo Oct 22, 3 21 17 PM   Photo Oct 22, 3 21 53 PM
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Tune in to HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation!

184 Harborview Rd, Black Rock

184 Harborview Road, Black Rock

Tune into HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation “An Old House Gets a New  Master Plan” on September 19th at 9:00 AM to follow my clients, Michael and Ella on their journey of selling their home in Black Rock and moving to Fairfield to get better schools for their blended family of three kids. Of course, yours truly helps them with this part.  I had originally helped them buy their house in Black Rock in 2010 and then got it sold for them the first day on the market which made them very strong buyers for this new home purchase.

Then the HGTV design team takes over to make their fixer-upper that’s missing one bedroom into a designer dream home that works for the whole family!

Below is a behind the scenes peak with Michael, Ella and the onsite director and camera crew at a lunch break during filming.

Photo Sep 24, 1 33 34 PM

With Michael, Ella the director and camera crew during a lunch break from filming.

The show went well, and Michael and Ella are enjoying their new digs as well as the excellent schools in Fairfield CT!

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Home Buyers & Sellers Unite!

When Mike called me to take a look at his house after seeing my name on a For Sale sign nearby, I was happy to oblige. After touring the house, I returned a few evenings later to meet with him and his wife Kagin to discuss their plans for moving to Florida and how we could work together to make this happen.   Within two weeks, Mike and Kagin were ready to put their house up for sale!

1000 Burroughs (69)

Hitting the market in pristine condition with fabulous photos and a price based on comparable sales- we had instant interest, and a lot of it!   Within the first week we had multiple offers including one at full price.    Mike and Kagin went with the offer with the best terms for them.

It’s a win-win for everyone when they can work together in a positive and productive way.   I truly enjoyed working with my clients to unite them in this successful sale!

Mike & Kagin 11-22-13       
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DARE to Resist! Plus an Update on Our Housing Market

Along with many other Roger Sherman Elementary School parents yesterday, I attended the 5th Grade graduation ceremony for the multi-week D.A.R.E program taught by Fairfield Police Officer George Buckmir.  The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program teaches the kids the facts about the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and bullying.  More importantly, the program gives our kids the confidence and tools to stand up to peer pressure, resist bullies and even to discount our country’s misleading advertising.  The children each had to write an essay about what they learned, and four were chosen to read theirs during the ceremony.

This is a critical program offered to our kids at a critical age!  Take a look at some of the photos.




It isn’t all bad out on the streets though, as good folks are continuing to buy and sell homes!

Although single family sales in Fairfield have not reached last year’s 212 total as of this date, there have been 145 homes sold so far this year with many more on the horizon.  Right now, there are 16% more homes with accepted offers than at the end of May last year and 24% more homes under contract.  This translates to 67 houses under binder and 125 under contract meaning that we can expect about 192 more sales in the coming month or so.

The average sale price this year to date is $637,000 compared to $727,000 at this time last year.  The change appears to be due in part to a large buyer pool seeking properties priced under $500,000.  The current inventory is very close to what it had been last May, with just under 500 single family houses on the market.

If you are thinking of selling, especially if you have a house to sell for less than $500,000, we need you in this market!  Call or email me, for assistance or more information, 203-912-4440,, William Raveis Real Estate, Southport, CT

Originally Posted on May 22, 2012 at 5:24 pm