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How’s the Summer Real Estate Market 2015 in Fairfield and Westport CT

So how’s the summer real estate market in Fairfield and Westport Connecticut? Are sellers listing their homes?  Are buyers making offers?  Here’s the summer 2015 scoop in Fairfield and Westport with a spotlight on the Fairfield beach and Greens Farms areas.

As of last week, there were a lot of single family homes on the market in Fairfield, 633 to be exact, compared to 542 at the end of July last year!  Fourteen percent (14%) of these houses had accepted offers. This is great compared to only 9% with binders last July.

The beach area market was not quite as strong as the town-wide market, with 12% of listings securing offers.  However, this ratio was more positive than last summer when the beach area’s home sellers accepting offers matched the town-wide tally of 9%. Of the 15 beach area homes with offers, seven were priced over $1 million, four were between $600,000 and $1 million and four were under $600,000. So there was a good range of prices.

Re-incarnation in the Fairfield Beach Area

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845 Fairfield Beach Rd

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Beach area new construction was exceeding the town’s ratio, with five accepted offers out of 30 listings, or 17%.  Click the image above for a representative view of the construction going on all over the beach area right now.  Direct waterfront in the beach area demonstrated more sluggish activity than the rest of the beach area and town with a 10% ratio of offers to active listings, that’s 4 out of 39.

Westport inventory was also high with 402 houses for sale compared to about 350 in July last year.  This season’s market was slightly more positive than in July 2014 with 7% of listings taking offers compared to 6%.

Greens Farms was a hot subset of the Westport market, with 12% of the 49 listings securing acceptable offers.  Half of the six offers were listed above $1 million and half below.

2 Hedley Farms Rd

New construction listings in Greens Farms weren’t moving as fast as the rest of the neighborhood with one binder out of 12 listings, or 8%.

So yes, sellers are listing their homes, and buyers are bidding on them.  The ratio of accepted offers to active listings is a leading indicator of what’s to come, and this summer it’s shown variablility based on town, neighborhood, and property type.
As always, pricing your home competitively and staging it for maximum appeal will attract buyers to your listing.  There’s still time before August vacations to get your price right if you’re selling and get your bid in if you’re buying.  Be sure to check out the featured homes for sale below!

Buy one this summer!

Buy one this summer!

New Construction on the Beach, Fairfield – $2,545,000 New price!
Summer Beach Cottage, Fairfield – $1,245,000 New price!
Carefree Beachfront Condo, Fairfield – $915,000 See Quick-Film!
Like-New Home at the Beach, Lordship – $879,000 New Price!
Bright Beach Area Colonial, Fairfield – $625,000 Off the market, sale pending!
Charming Cape, Convenient Location, Fairfield –  Off the market to be rented starting October 1st.

Feel free to contact me any time with questions, showing requests or for a complimentary market analysis of your home.

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A Great Meal and a Market Update!

My husband and I earned a little ‘found’ time for a dinner out over the weekend when our nine year old daughter, Emerson, was invited to her friend’s house at the beach.  We went to Martel on the Post Road in Southport. My husband is a big fan of the Martel Meatloaf, but I have to say that the Trout Meuniere with haricots verts & white bean salad is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it, especially if you want to eat healthy. Of course, if you’re looking for something rich and decadent, you must try their Cheese Fondue for Two!   Martel Logo

So, what’s happening in Fairfield’s housing market? We currently have 507 single family homes and 91 condos on the market. With 201 sales in the past six months, this equates to an average of 34 sales per month and a 15-month supply of single family homes for sale. A six-month supply indicates a balanced market and less than this indicates a seller’s market, so we are still clearly in a strong buyer’s market.

Nine homes have sold in June so far, ranging in price from $197,500 for a home on Rakoczy Avenue to $750,000 for a home on Collingwood. This puts the average sale price this month so far at $478K. Looking ahead, 105 more homes are under contract and ready to close! Forty of these are priced up to $500K, 19 are in the $500K-$700K range, 21 are in the $700K-$900K range, eight are listed between $900K and $1mil, 14 are in the $1mil-$2mil range and three are listed above $2mil. In addition, 49 homes are under binder with an accepted offer, including a property on Senate Lane listed for $5mil.

So we should expect to see an increase in sales ranging through all the price points in the next month or so.

Is there something specific you are wondering about in Fairfield’s real estate market? Enter a comment below with your question, and I’ll do my best to respond in my next blog post!

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3 Cool Tips & Your Fairfield Housing Market Update

Well I was away in the Cayman Islands last week for the first vacation alone with my husband in 10 years since our daughter was born!  (She was at sleep-away camp.)  Now that I’m back, I have three random bits of advice to offer that you may find useful:

1) My App tells me that the cheapest gas can currently be found at The Sunoco Station at 322 Post Rd East in Westport for $3.969 per gallon and Gulf at 975 Kings Highway East and Chambers in Fairfield for $3.979 per gallon.   GAS LADY

2) Remember to register your child for the fall soccer season at the Fairfield Recreation Center before the end of July to ensure a spot on the their team from last year.  And last but not least,

3) I would highly recommend Zumba on Thursday morning at 11:30 with John L. and Monday and Tuesday nights with Kellie B. at 8pm at the Edge in Fairfield. It’s a great workout mixed into an entertaining fiesta with men and women of all shapes and sizes!


Finally, a word on the market-  We currently have 503 single family homes for sale in Fairfield.  This inventory level has held steady since May but is lower than the May – July levels in both 2010 and 2009 which had ranged from about 580 to 515 homes for sale.

The end of the second quarter resulted in 149 sales with an average sale price of $663,000 and a median of $565,000.  In the same timeframe of 2010 we saw 220 sales with an average sale price of $734,000 and a median of $569,000.  Last year’s average sale price was artificially inflated by a six million dollar sale on Harbor Road, but the median was very close to what we have seen this year.  The number of sales dipped 32% though.  This may become a less extreme difference as more June sales are recorded.

As the summer heats up and people take vacations, the housing market typically slows down.  Binders and contracts are both down since my July 5th post.  The tally of single family homes with an accepted offer (binder) is 34 today which equates to seven percent of the active listings. This is down from 14% at the time of my last post.  There are 84 homes with purchase contracts in place which is also down from 133 a couple of weeks ago.  On a positive note, the price of homes under contract ranges from $140,000 all the way up to $5,500,000 demonstrating that there is something for everyone here in town!   SOLD PIC

So after all your summer travels are over, remember to focus on housing again, and re-energize your buying and selling agendas!

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