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Pine Creek Waterway, Fairfield, CT

My listing meeting at the lovely home on the Pine Creek waterway was scheduled for next week. I had met with the homeowners, completed my market analysis, and created a comprehensive custom marketing plan that included professional photos, aerial views, and twilight views. But I needed a nice photo to use in my presentation materials, and as always, I set out to take my picture.

The home was gorgeous from every vantage point, but the critical view had to combine the dramatic walls of glass facing the water, the fabulous dock, and of course, the water views!

I could not capture everything in one view from the edge of the property. But there was a ramp extending into the water just next to the property that I set out towards to capture my shot. Here’s what happened.

Photo showing scraped knee and shin.
Photo showing mud all over my legs and shoes.
Photo showing a big bruise on my leg!
Photo showing low tide and the mud at the bottom of the creek.
Beautiful photo of the home!
….And the winning photo! (Even the professional photographer didn’t capture this angle!)

Here’s what my client had to say-

That’s my story with a happy ending! Here’s a little more info about this property

Looking to buy or sell a home in the area? Create your own MLS search here to check out the market. If you would like to talk about your plans to move forward and how I might help you, please fill in the form below, visit my website, or feel free to give me a call, 203.912.4440.

Author: Linda Raymond Realtor - William Raveis Real Estate

You want a home that is best suited to your current needs and desired lifestyle. But, you may be worried about the monumental stress of making it happen. I am here to ensure you can make your successful move with the best terms for you and the most seamless process. Understanding your priorities and dreams directs my custom approach. Creative marketing, market intelligence, high tech expertise, cutting-edge resources, effective communication and negotiation skills, and strong relationships are combined into my strategy for you. I have been helping clients like you make their moves for 17 years, and I am poised to do the same for you. More than 70 online client reviews say things like, "easy", "seamless", "fantastic experience", "never pressured", "expert guidance", "completely informed", and "perfect outcome". As a Luxury Property Specialist who has earned top production and customer service awards year after year from William Raveis and Five Star Professional awards from Connecticut Magazine, I am the expert guide you can trust and rely on when you are buying and selling your home. You've spent years building equity in your home and you want to capture every bit of it. You deserve the utopia of the perfect home and lifestyle that you've worked so hard to enjoy. You deserve to be well-informed and prepared. When you work with me, that's my #1 priority. What if you off-load all the complicated worrisome steps to me and coast through a seamless, collaborative, positive, (maybe even a bit fun!), experience with peace of mind while you achieve your goal of capturing your ROI in as few days as possible and moving to your new perfect home? Call Today --> 203-912-4440. We'll discuss your goals and timeline, how I work with clients, and next steps from there. Your castle. My mission. To your success! Linda Linda Raymond License # 0777359 William Raveis Real Estate 203.912.4440

3 thoughts on “Overboard!

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  2. Wow, Michael, thank you so much for taking the time to write this detailed review, and at 2 AM on top of that! I sincerely appreciate your feedback!! ❤️❤️


  3. Linda did a TREMENDOUS job marketing and selling our house. Saying she “went overboard” is an understatement. After interviewing several other accomplished brokers, we decided to go with Linda for several reasons:

    – Linda took the time to really get to know the house and prepare for the pitch (and “went overboard” in the process of taking pictures for the pitch)

    – in the pitch, it was clear she “got” the essential elements of our fairly unique home, and articulated well the kind of buyers it would appeal to

    – Linda’s pitch was exceptionally well put together and compelling – it became clear she knew how to market and to sell

    – Linda laid out a marketing plan the incorporated so much more than the standard listing on the website and MLS, including blogs and videos, house tours, mailings, Facebook and other social media postings, along with a cadence and schedule for them that showed real planning

    – Linda listened as much as she talked, gave insightful responses to our questions about the state of the market, the right pricing strategy in that context, and how to evolve it if needed

    In the end, Linda generated multiple offers, numerous showings and delivered a great result.

    We would highly recommend working with Linda to sell your home!

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