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After a Very Long Home Search, Number 62 Wins!

After an exhaustive home search, my clients finally came upon the home of their dreams in Rowayton and put in an offer. But by that time, the pandemic was off to a strong start and so was the competition in the market for home buyers.

We had closed many weeks earlier on the sale of their home in Southport and had been targeting Darien as they hunkered down in their temporary residence in a hotel. However, after losing a lovely home to multiple offers, nothing seemed to stack up to the benchmark my clients now had in their minds. Or nothing lasted on the market long enough for them to see with their busy work schedules. Or nothing matched the price they felt it was worth. After months of looking in Darien, we renewed focus on Greenwich… and then Rowayton.

A day in the life of a Realtor in Rowayton….

It turns out that this was the special day when the one of a kind gem they had been searching for was found and their offer was accepted. After touring dozens of homes across three towns, this historic antique near the Long Island Sound, previously a sea captain’s home, was about to begin a new chapter. This vintage home was number 62 of their home search, but for them, it was new and exciting, and number one!