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My Home is My Castle.

What is a castle?  In its most basic form, it’s a place that gives us security and privacy.

Home Sweet Home.  It’s the place we cherish, where we feel safe and sound, sometimes happy, other times sad; where we celebrate, gather together, share, work, create, cook, decorate; where we can love and be loved; where we live, grow, rest, dream, and at times sort through the chaos that life often throws at us!  After all, there’s no place like home !

Em 1st day 1st grade 8-30-07Home is a most important place and a most significant asset.   This is why I love to join my clients in the chapter of their lives when it’s time for their next castle.   It is a critical business transaction and a complex process, but most important, it’s an emotional, exciting and monumental time!  I am honored to share this time with my clients, buffer the anxiety,  guide the course and share the joy!

2012 Thanksgiving Dad Kids & CakeOur castles assume all shapes and sizes.   And in the grandest form, a castle is…. well big and grand! Enjoy this one in Darien, Connecticut.

Please share  a comment or image of a precious moment, space or place showing the essence of home for you!  I’ve posted a few of my own.

2011 The Black & White Crew


2011-05-31 09.28.10To see more about how I serve my clients, visit my websites at and .  Please send me a note below if I can assist you with the home of your dreams.