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Dust and Pet Allergies? You Better Clean Your HVAC System!

I moved into my house 10 years ago and was wondering if getting all the dust and dirt out of the air ducts right out of the gate would be a good idea.  I always had allergies to dust and animals, and the previous owners had a cat.   After finding cat hair in the refrigerator, I figured there must be plenty in the air ducts!

But the days turned into months…. and 10 years later I’ve been thinking that cleaning my HVAC system is surely well past-due.   Then just as I was about to take action, I heard someone say that duct cleaning can actually loosen dust and make air quality worse.  I wanted to do whatever was likely to keep my surrounding air clean while spending as little money possible.  This article from House Logic had some helpful information that allowed me to be more comfortable with my decision to hold off again.


However, after several lousy nights of interrupted sleep due to clogged sinuses, I had to do something!

Air vent returns Before & After cleaning

Air vent returns Before & After cleaning

So I started by taking a quick look at the air vents and returns and the air filter even though it had been changed two month prior.  I was appauled by what I saw!  Filthy returns and a black air filter! No wonder dust was accumulating daily on every surface!  So I immediately changed the air filter and got on a ladder with my vacuum. What a difference this made!  Without cleaning my air ducts, the surfaces actually stayed clean, the air was cleaner, the furnace surely was running much more efficiently and as you may have expected, I had a great night’s sleep!

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Westport & Fairfield CT Housing Market Conditions- Plus Some Beachfront Competition

Welcome to my new blog!  Please come and visit for posts about real estate and happenings from around town and beyond.

I’ll share  updates on Westport and Fairfield Connecticut housing market conditions , snippets about my services and briefs about a day in the life of an area resident!

First off- please enjoy the pic’ of a swimmer’s demise at the teeth of a Land Shark!  This was one of the sand sculptures in last weekend’s beachfront competition at Penfield Beach titled, “Beach Bum”.    It appears that the Land Shark was the happy winner in this competition.

A look at the local Westport and Fairfield Connecticut housing markets shows some factors in favor of buyers and others in favor of sellers.  The amount of supply is one element of importance.  There has been reduced inventory of single family homes for sale in both towns this year so far.  The number of homes for sale was down to six months worth of supply in Fairfield and nine months in Westport at the end of July. This is good for sellers, because there’s less competition but not so great for buyers, because there is less to choose from.

Market time is another factor to be considered, and the days on market have been increasing lately in both towns.  In Westport, the median market time was 142 in July compared to 117 last year. 

In Fairfield, median days were up to 113 from 99 the year prior.  
The longer a home sits on the market, the less leverage the seller has, giving a stronger position to the buyer.

One parameter in the mix that works in favor of both buyers and sellers is the low interest rate environment.   Now, the sellers’ properties are affordable to a larger buyer pool, and the buying power is improved for everyone who wants to get into the purchasing game.   All in favor of healthy Westport and Fairfield Connecticut housing market conditions raise your hand!

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A Great Meal and a Market Update!

My husband and I earned a little ‘found’ time for a dinner out over the weekend when our nine year old daughter, Emerson, was invited to her friend’s house at the beach.  We went to Martel on the Post Road in Southport. My husband is a big fan of the Martel Meatloaf, but I have to say that the Trout Meuniere with haricots verts & white bean salad is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it, especially if you want to eat healthy. Of course, if you’re looking for something rich and decadent, you must try their Cheese Fondue for Two!   Martel Logo

So, what’s happening in Fairfield’s housing market? We currently have 507 single family homes and 91 condos on the market. With 201 sales in the past six months, this equates to an average of 34 sales per month and a 15-month supply of single family homes for sale. A six-month supply indicates a balanced market and less than this indicates a seller’s market, so we are still clearly in a strong buyer’s market.

Nine homes have sold in June so far, ranging in price from $197,500 for a home on Rakoczy Avenue to $750,000 for a home on Collingwood. This puts the average sale price this month so far at $478K. Looking ahead, 105 more homes are under contract and ready to close! Forty of these are priced up to $500K, 19 are in the $500K-$700K range, 21 are in the $700K-$900K range, eight are listed between $900K and $1mil, 14 are in the $1mil-$2mil range and three are listed above $2mil. In addition, 49 homes are under binder with an accepted offer, including a property on Senate Lane listed for $5mil.

So we should expect to see an increase in sales ranging through all the price points in the next month or so.

Is there something specific you are wondering about in Fairfield’s real estate market? Enter a comment below with your question, and I’ll do my best to respond in my next blog post!

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