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Family Comes Back to the Fairfield University Area

Photo Oct 22, 11 07 42 AM

Chris grew up at her parents’ house on Wormwood Road near Fairfield University,  but she later moved to Monroe with her husband Rich.  There they enjoyed more space and land as they raised their two children, both grown up now.

After a couple of decades, they began to tire of the 20-minute minimum drive to get anywhere and the even longer commuting time to both their jobs.  Chris has been a biolology professor at Fairfield U, and Rich was working in information technology  at Bayer Healthcare, also quite far away. So they decided it was time to move back to Fairfield. Chris could be close to her mom who was still in her home in the university area, their commutes would be significantly shorter and they could make very good use of all the cool eateries downtown!

I met Rich and Chris at an open house in 2012, and have been showing them homes on and off since then.  They have always liked the New England colonial with classic charm.   They had made offers on a few homes along the way but found themselves outbid each time.

Finally, one day I happened to be online in the multiple listing service when a new listing popped on, and I knew it was perfect!   I immediately took them to see the charming colonial on Wakeman Road.  They made an offer that was negotiated and accepted, and as of this week they have a new home!  They plan to rent out their house in Monroe for awhile before selling it and will be moving into their new university area colonial right away!

Photo Oct 22, 3 21 17 PM   Photo Oct 22, 3 21 53 PM
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Visit this Lovely Fairfield Beach Area Home Sunday 10/5 Between 1 & 3 PM!

Come visit us and see this gorgeous home in the bustling Fairfield Beach area during our Open House tomorrow, Sunday October 5 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM!
Check all weekend O P E N   H O U S  E S here!

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New Listing- New Price- New Neighbor! Westport, Fairfield Housing Update

Ever wonder about the market chain of events prior to your new neighbors moving in?  Well here’s a quick view of the current flow in Westport and Fairfield.

Twenty-six Westport home owners just put their houses on the market within the past 14 days. Three hundred and thirty three (333) homes are for sale in total. Of these homes, 28 have been on the market for awhile but have a brand new price. Eighty-five (85) properties have an accepted offer or are under contract for sale and will result in new neighbors very soon!

In Fairfield, there are 51 new listings and 501 total homes for sale. Sixty-eight (68) listings have been on for awhile but have new prices. There will be 157 new neighbors in town soon, based on the total accepted offers and homes under contract.

Cool Cape with central AC, private fenced yard, two driveways and many updates

Cool Cape with central AC, private fenced yard, two driveways and many updates

One featured listing in Fairfield with a brand new price is 286 Old Stratfield Road, now listed for $382,000 (down from $389,000). This is a cool cape with central air and great curb appeal, located near the new Fairfield Metro. For more market intelligence or to request a showing, please inquire below.


10 Strategies for Pricing Your House Right

Pricing your house is not an exact science, but there are plenty of things you can do to help snag your buyer sooner rather than later.  Here are 10 of my strategies:


1.       Get the Market Scoop – Have your agent show you recent sales of similar homes nearby.  Note the sale prices, how long they took to sell and how close to asking they sold for.   Next discuss your competition and get a feel for what choices the buyers have and how your house stacks up.
2.       Note Improvements – Show your agent all the great things you’ve done to your house since you bought it that may increase its value.  Review maintenance and repair work as well.  This may help set you apart from your competition.
3.       ID Pros & Cons – Talk to your agent about what the key selling points and challenges are for your property and how this information can impact your price.
4.       Embrace Staging – Ask your agent how the marketing tool of staging to attract buyers can sell your house faster and for the most money.
5.       Don’t Do This – Avoid the mistake of pricing your home based on your personal finances.  The number you want or need may have nothing to do with the market value.  Only the market and the buyers determine your selling price.  Remember that if your house is worth more to you than it is to all the buyers, you will remain the lucky owner!
6.       Don’t Do This Either! –  Avoid accepting inflated price quotes from friends, poker buddies, colleagues, bridge ladies, the mail man and family members instead of your agent’s- unless of course they’re ready, willing and able to purchase your property on the spot!
7.       Try Buyer’s Eyes – Pretend you are a buyer choosing between your house and several others. Which one would you choose and why?  If your house offers more value than the others, maybe you can ask a higher price than your competition.
8.       Don’t Go it Alone – Unless you’re sure your house will fly off the shelf and you know how to navigate the complexities and potential pitfalls of a real estate transaction, be sure you hire a good Realtor.  Remember that if you try to price and sell on your own,

  • you will be missing much of the information needed to guide realistic pricing,
  • buyers will see that you have not invested in a broker and deduct that money from their offer price,
  • without a Realtor’s marketing plan, your house will not get the exposure needed to draw a strong buyer pool regardless of your price, and
  • if an offer comes in, you will be challenged to evaluate its terms and the quality of the buyer.

9.       Go Live! – Now your agent can launch the marketing plan with a price you feel makes the most logical sense after weighing all the considerations above.
10.   Track Course & Close! – Your agent will track showing activity and feedback as well as market changes.  If you have ample showings the first week, your price is likely right on the money!  If you don’t have offers after a couple of months (depending on the pace of the market) but you are still getting showings, a slight price adjustment will likely do the trick.  I am happy to discuss your plans and how I can help. Happy Selling!

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Happy Seller Heads South!

Not a big fan of freezing winters, Joe had a dream that he thought was simple:  sell his condo on Madison Avenue in Bridgeport and move to Florida where life is sunny and warm year-round.

Joe after his closing!

Joe after his closing!

It sounded reasonable enough until he put his condo on the market and didn’t get the quick sale he was hoping for.  After trying to sell with four different agents over the course of three years with one deal falling through at the last minute, Joe was feeling quite discouraged and wondered if his plan would ever come to fruition.

Finally, the following summer, he summoned his spirits again and had his son come up from Florida to help him de-clutter.  Then he called me to come and see his place, and I gave him a list of staging tips that he put into play.  We went on the market and received a good amount of activity but were plagued by low-ball offers by investors and a distressed unit that posted for sale at a rock bottom price by a bank.

As the holidays approached, Joe agreed to withdraw from the market long enough to re-do his kitchen.  I referred a great contractor to him that was skilled and well priced.  Joe shopped around for some good deals on appliances, and viola!
2011-09-30 01.52.54      Joe's Condo AFTER






With a refreshed look, new kitchen and the New Year, Joe closed on his condo within three months and was off to his dream home in Florida with the weather to match!  Here’s what Joe had to say about it, “I will always be happy to give you the highest recommendation for your excellent customer service and professionalism. I definitely couldn’t have sold my condo without you.  The recommendation to upgrade my kitchen was a big factor.  There were so many condos on the market in Bridgeport, I thought I would never get out of there. But you sold my condo in such a short time frame.  You are a Realtor who cares and gives the best possible customer service one could expect, especially if the seller listens to you and takes your suggestions.  I couldn’t be happier now that I am in Florida.”

Take a look at the video to see Joe’s kitchen transition in action.

Feel free to comment below or request help preparing your home for the market.