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We Found Home Sweet Home by the Sea!


It has been a long road to find the right home in this very challenging market, but we prevailed.

We are closed!

Coming all the way from Texas to the east coast, Robin secured a rental in the Fairfield Beach area for herself, her two children, and her little chihuahua, about a year ago. They were just beginning to feel at home in the new community, when the pandemic hit.

Hunkering down at home as we all were, Robin prepared to renew her lease. However, upon seeing the spiking sale prices, the landlord changed his mind about renting, and told her they were selling the house as soon as possible, giving her only two months to vacate.

In a panic, Robin convinced them to give her a few more months and sent out a text to our neighborhood chat group asking if anyone knew of an available rental.

I reached out and offered to help. After talking with her, and learning what her ideal home would look like and how much she was planning to spend on rent, I suggested that she get pre-approved for a mortgage and put her hard earned money toward a purchase that would build equity for her. As the leader of a large software development group, she had no trouble securing a loan.

So the quest began! Loving the Fairfield beach area, and looking for charm, character, a light and bright feel with room the family and guests, we searched! At first there was almost nothing to look at, but then some homes began to trickle onto the market. Then we found a lovely home and put in an offer. We were faced with ~10 other buyers and were out-bid. We tried again. And again. And again! But the bidding wars were driving the prices out of range.

Unfortunately, the search was taking more time than she had. Her time was up at the current rental, but luckily she found a homeowner nearby that let her rent for three more months. So Robin packed up her entire three-bedroom home and two kids, moved a few blocks away, and unpacked again.

It seemed there was nothing that matched the wish-list for the right price… until we ventured over to the popular beachy neighborhood of Woodmont in Milford. Under construction was a beautiful, bright new home with four bedrooms and finished space on three floors. It even had treetop water views and two balconies! After much negotiation, we secured the home and closed last week.

After so much time being unsettled by a cross-country move, a pandemic, and two limited rentals, Robin had to pack up her family, furniture, and belongings, and move it all one more time. But this time, she can relax, decompress, and enjoy. Finally, a sweet new place by the shore to call home!

Please reach out to me anytime if you have real estate questions or would like to have a conversation about your plans.

Author: Linda Raymond Realtor - William Raveis Real Estate

You want a home that is best suited to your current needs and desired lifestyle. But, you may be worried about the monumental stress of making it happen. I am here to ensure you can make your successful move with the best terms for you and the most seamless process. Understanding your priorities and dreams directs my custom approach. Creative marketing, market intelligence, high tech expertise, cutting-edge resources, effective communication and negotiation skills, and strong relationships are combined into my strategy for you. I have been helping clients like you make their moves for 17 years, and I am poised to do the same for you. More than 70 online client reviews say things like, "easy", "seamless", "fantastic experience", "never pressured", "expert guidance", "completely informed", and "perfect outcome". As a Luxury Property Specialist who has earned top production and customer service awards year after year from William Raveis and Five Star Professional awards from Connecticut Magazine, I am the expert guide you can trust and rely on when you are buying and selling your home. You've spent years building equity in your home and you want to capture every bit of it. You deserve the utopia of the perfect home and lifestyle that you've worked so hard to enjoy. You deserve to be well-informed and prepared. When you work with me, that's my #1 priority. What if you off-load all the complicated worrisome steps to me and coast through a seamless, collaborative, positive, (maybe even a bit fun!), experience with peace of mind while you achieve your goal of capturing your ROI in as few days as possible and moving to your new perfect home? Call Today --> 203-912-4440. We'll discuss your goals and timeline, how I work with clients, and next steps from there. Your castle. My mission. To your success! Linda Linda Raymond License # 0777359 William Raveis Real Estate 203.912.4440

2 thoughts on “We Found Home Sweet Home by the Sea!

  1. The story of your perseverance and hers is great! Congrats on a happy ending


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